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Sometime in 2014, I introduced my wife to Bullet Journaling. She fell in love with the system and began to follow influencers in the community. Inspired, she asked me in late 2015 about starting her own mommy art journal blog. If they can do it, she reasoned, why couldn't she? So, I built her a logo, a site, a shop, a mail list, and set up and taught her how to use our new Nikon. It's been an adventure in marketing. Now, the site turns a modest profit and has a steadily growing fanbase. We're considering organizing our own convention! I'll ghostwrite when she's too busy, manage her mail list, and help publish and produce her monthly journal templates. This little passive income-producing business is a labor of love, and we're both learning new things about internet marketing. I love working with her and Sheena of the Journal is a prime example of something that began as an idea and became a profitable business.

November 2016


Sheena of the Journal

  • branding
  • design
  • front end
  • photography
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